collide questions and answers part 2 of 3

on sunday morning october 29 our kids studied about thomas’ doubt. we understand that, like thomas, many of us have hard questions about Jesus. so we asked each 1st – 5th-grade life group to submit three questions and boy did we get some great ones. we took a wednesday night in collide and invited pastor david and his wife danielle to spend some time answering these questions. we are posting several of those video answers on each of these posts. these are a great resource for you to listen to as a family and refer to God’s Word together. we tried to keep all our answers based on scripture and not our opinions. may these prove helpful as you point your kids to Christ.

You can find Part 1 of 3 here.

Why does God allow us to sin? – miss danielle

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

What does Jesus look like?

During the three days between Jesus death and resurrection, where was He?


You can find Part 1 of 3 here.

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